News of ‘Twister’ sequel has weather fanatics swirling with excitement

A weather fanatic is practically required to have a slight fascination with the movie “Twister.” Meteorologists, enthusiasts, and even slightly-more-than-casual cloud observers have likely observed it several times. Each time it airs on cable television, it appears that half of “weather Twitter” (WxTwitter) alerts colleagues via social media. Now, a sequel is rumored to be on the way, and it’s taking the meteorological industry by storm.

In 1996, twenty-six years after the premiere of “Twister,” the sequel will be titled “Twisters,” according to the Hollywood trade publication Deadline. The film will begin production in the spring. Steven Spielberg allegedly “flipped” over the script, and “his enthusiasm provided the motivation for the fast-tracked picture.” Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and Universal Studios will produce the film. Deadline reported that Warner Bros. will co-finance the film and that Frank Marshall will produce it.

Reader’s Digest predicts that the picture will not debut until at least the middle of 2024, if not later.

Reed Timmer, a renowned storm chaser and former star of the long-running Discovery Channel series “Storm Chasers,” characterized his immediate response to the announcement of a “Twister” sequel as “pure joy!”

“We have cows!” TWISTER, a 1996 Hollywood blockbuster produced by Warner Brothers, is discussed.

” ‘Twister’ is still one of my favorite films,” Timmer stated in a statement to The Washington Post. “The storm chaser characters in the original film and the depiction of life on the road are my favorites.”

Timmer, who yearly travels tens of thousands of miles over the Great Plains, Deep South, and Southeast in chase of tornadoes, deemed “Twister’s” depiction of the dynamic of storm chasing to be accurate.

“The eccentric personalities, friendship, and rivalry among the many stormchasers and teams as depicted in the original… are absolutely true and ahead of their time,” he said.